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This is your baseline vacuum. Step 1 – One of the most common causes of a failed smog test is the check engine light is ON while the engine is running.

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You might be surprised to find questions like these will throw most sales people for a loop.

High flow cat check engine light. For only 200-400 dollars you can fix the check engine light and get all of your parts workign together with freeing up some. Connect the gauge to an intake manifold vacuum line. These resonated high flow cats are the premier upgrade for all G37 coupe owners looking to maximize power and performance from their VQ37VHR V6 engine.

The idea is to place a gap between the pipe and the sensor to reduce the amount of exhaust gases that the sensor will seedetect. I recently removed both cateletic converters on my 99z71 with the 53 v8. The sound is better then hi flow I think but they are close but cats when this will obviously flow better.

Since the high flow catalytic converters do not cause the same readings at the secondary oxygen sensor as stock typically the ECM will trigger the P0420 code. Actually the reason the check engine code comes on is because the o2 sensor is noticing that the air is moving through the exhaust at the same speed. The orange check engine light is a cars way of telling you something is wrong.

I was told there was zero chance Id pass emissions with the cat and the tune. Your overall exhaust volume will increase while creating a deeper and smoother tone. My CPE high-flow catted downpipe did.

If the ECM does not see the difference in the two oxygen sensors that it is programmed to see then the ECM will cause the P0420 code to appear and a check engine light to appear on the dash. If your ecm works as it should a bad cat will show a code P0420. But if you have a modified car with significantly more engine power than stock 20 increase or better you will almost certainly see improved engine power switching to high flow catalytic converters especially top-end performance as measured on a dyno.

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I put a classic flowmaster 40 series on her right before removing the cats and she was alot quieter. Was showing random misfire and when I replaced the plugs and wires it went away. It should never be ignored.

High flow cats causing check engine light. If youve added a supercharger or turbocharger to your vehicle – or substantially increased the boost of an existing supercharger or turbo – youll likely find high flow cats a good investment in terms of maximizing vehicle horsepower. To check if its a clogged cat versus a bad oxygen sensor when you dont have a check engine light grab a vacuum gauge.

Fits all BMW F30F32 335i 435i vehicles. Fuel pressure should be 52-59 psi with the. Also check the fuel pressure on the fuel rail a bad fuel pressure regulator can cause the same symptoms.

I still have precats and my Check Engine Light NEVER CAME ON just like on the v6 Stang I had with headers offroad h-pipe and flowmasters never saw a CEL. 350Z Check Engine Light With High-Flow Cats. High flow catalytic converters adds cats to the exhaust system MIL Eliminator removes the check engine light after removing the cats Exhaust hangers replaces wornrusted hangers and holds the exhaust in place.

Installing hi-flow racing cats could trigger the CEL Check Engine Light or MIL Malfunction Indicator Light on the dash usually occurring in later model cars. The cat is normally there to slow down the movement. This is becoming a very.

Most will have no clue what you are talking about so just be careful. Our high flow cats effectively increase low end torque and maximize power throughout the entire RPM band. Inject new life into your 335i or 435i with a high-flow catted downpipe.

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December 10 2009 by admin. Had high flow cats and flowmaster exhaust installed getting an intermittent check engine light for the catalytic converters P0430 Efficiency below threshold bank 2. Genuine 200-cell HJS catalyst instantly adds significant power sound and throttle response without triggering a check engine light.

Since the cat is gone it moves through ratherquickly and throws the code. The service engine soon light never came on. I felt a little more torque at the low end and seemed to pass people easier i would not recomend removing them it will trigger the check engine light and yes its illegal in all statesi dont have to smoghehe.

Here are the 10 most common issues that trigger it. Basically this is a solution to the dreaded CEL that many of us get from switching to testpipes. We created two different flange styles to ensure proper fitment across all years.

If the coating is less than a 25 gram mixture the cat will not do the job and it will set off the check engine light. Step 2 – The catalytic converter is a vital part of the emission control system when this item starts to fail it will allow high emissions. If its below 25 say thank you and leave quickly.

In Australia late model cars 2005 onward are required to have a second O2 sensor located immediately after the factory cat. I was told the dealership can fix it but you might as well take it and get a custom tune. Start the engine let it idle and check the reading on the gauge.

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Had Randy turn the light off but one of those o2 sensor spacers would likely solve the problem too.

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