Php Mail Using Gmail Smtp Tutorial

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Include packages and files for phpmailer and smtp. Smtp server address.

Send Email Via Smtp Server In Php Using Phpmailer Web Development Tutorial Php Tutorial Php

Manually create a log file and change its ownership to the username your web server is running as.

Php mail using gmail smtp tutorial. So here is the tutorial for sending php mail using gmail as your smtp engine. Smtp authentication username. Use smtp authentication.

First of you all i m going to pretend that you re familiar with a few things. Your full gmail address e g. Phpmailer tutorial for gmail and google apps.

Following is the project structure. Modify it by adding the path to the msmtp command. Sendmail path usr bin msmtp c etc msmtp php logfile var log msmtp log a gmail t.

We will use phpmailer class for sending emails by using gmail smtp server. Gmail smtp port ssl. Let us see how to send email in php using phpmailer library via gmail smtp.

Mail smtpauth true. Php script for sending email using gmail smtp server open your php file where you need to write a code for emails. Php you know php.

Touch var log msmtp log chown www data. For instance i am assuming you have a sendemail php file in the root directory. Download a recent version of phpmailer i m using the version 5 02 check that your web hosting provider has opened the port 465 tcp out if not ask him to open that port.

If you already knew that then good. See the phpmailer library is added as a dependency in the vendor folder. If you do not have access to a smtp server then you may use google s gmail smtp.

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Writing the php code to make an smtp connection using your gmail credentials connect to host smtp gmail. To directly download the zip file use this link. If not you might want to read a good php tutorial.

If you don t have one register a gmail account or setup your domain for google applications. Tells phpmailer to use smtp. Gmail smtp server address.

The password that you use to log in to gmail. Mail smtpsecure tls. Gmail smtp port tls.

Its a lovely language for developing webpages. Download phpmailer library from this github link. How to find the smtp server for gmail.

Smtp authentication password. Set the encryption system.

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